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The OpenBCI Board is a versatile and affordable bio-sensing wireless microcontroller that can be used to sample electrical brain activity (EEG), muscle activity (EMG), and heart rate (EKG).


Visualight is a DIY networked lighting solution. Control your lights from anywhere in the world over any internet connection. Visualight was developed as a complete solution – enclosure design, hardware, firmware, and web application

Chronos Wearables

Chronos is a small wearable device that tracks users activity levels and provides smart phone based alerts. Full hardware development including activity tracking, smartphone application integration, and OTA firmware updates


BeaconBits are small low cost BLE enabled sensors. They can be configured as an iBeacon or an end point in a BLE network. Development is on going.


Over $250,000 raised in crowdfunding

Concept, design, prototype, and manufacture. Our team can help your team bring a product to market, from concept to fulfilment. Hardware is hard, we know, we've been thereā€¦

Small and large scale projects: MVP(minimum viable product), pre-production, and production ready prototypes including software and firmware development

Design services including 3D printing and injection molded mechanical prototypes.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Prototype
  • Manufacture


Joel Murphy
analog front end specialist, hardware, firmware, sensors, bio/medical, wireless, electro-mechanical design
Conor Russomanno
Center Field
web/front-end (HTML/CSS), graphic design, 3D-printing, engineering mechanics drawings/drafting, management
Leif Percifield
hardware, firmware, internet of things, sensors, wearables, wireless, APIs, management
Abid Azam
3rd Base
Business development, finance, investment strategies, healthcare, bio/medical